Sunday, July 17, 2005


Local action for localisation of economy

I have been thinking that when I get back from USA I will start a group whose aim will be to support the local economy. I guess one of the first things to do would be to set up a currency. I am thinking about the design and purpose of such a currency and my first thoughts are that it should start with the local organic suppliers of produce. It could be a bought currency like Saltspring Island perhaps. It would have to have an hour as the unit. Not sure about how to get it working so that it works itself like Open Money stuff does, but maybe it is a great time to go to a conference and learn about Open Money. My first thoughts are that we need a currency whose purpose is to favour those who grow organically and locally, it should encourage and stimulate a lot of food growing and a lot of organics generally. Local retailers need to be favoured with this. Local manufacturers need to be favoured.

Robert Atak has been fined a hefty fine for desecrating National Party billboards and putting his website on them. That is rotten.

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