Monday, September 05, 2005


After Hurricane Katrina

I wonder if anyone is about to name their daughter Katrina? After all the week of devastation and misery, I doubt it right now. Anyway during the crisis oil suddenly surged to over $70 a barrel and now that European nations have pledged some of their reserve oil to America, it has dropped again. However, the oil companies here didn't miss their chance and petrol is now up to $1.54 a litre. It cost me $61 to fill up the Hyundai Getz 1,5 litres. Just as well we bought it.

We have a conditional agreement to buy 202 Otaki Forks Road, a property of three and a half acres with 200 fruit and nut trees on it. I can't wait now for our house to sell, but I am concerned that my internet won't be so fast there.

Everyone is talking about the price of petrol and the mainstream media are now mentioning the phrase 'peak oil'. Article in the Dominion and the Weekend Herald about life after cheap oil have been done quite well, but the omission so far is mention that food growing worldwide is dependent on oil. That is major.

I find myself orienting towards those who have land in the district and thinking about how to fence the property so that we can put in kunikuni pigs and not have to mow.

I gave my son David Matt Savinar's book and have lent another copy to Rachel, who has read quite a bit but is pregnant and doesn't want to take in too much at a time.

Helen is showing the film 'The End of Suburbia" a lot. It is time we did it here.

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