Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Over a year later

My thoughts. We have moved to a property which can support quite a few people. Lots more food can be grown here yet.

Just seen a film which says 9/11 was an inside job with very credible people contributing. It is odd how one can go on with one's life as if nothing were happening. For instance on Monday I will take two trips to township to the bus, one to deliver Tereana and one to pick up Jan the wwoofer from Germany.

The price of oil has been around the $60 US for a while and it dropped quite a bit so we all got very casual about it. The new DVD says big trucks will be stopped by the roadside when they run out of diesel, there will be unemployment and and supermarkets shelves will be depleted.

I am getting involved in local music, going to the Otaki Live Music Club and the Levin Folk Music club but I will concentrate on the former and make it my business to get to know local musicians.

And I am getting to know the people in the same road. Next month Gary ad Singa and I have organised meetings to discuss a local currency, so things are moving towards relocalisation. But so much more to go.

Unfortunately I am not in as good physical condition as I would like. Can't manage this property and Malcolm is managing less and less, having accidents on the mower. Two today. Will have to get someone else on this property to help us and he will resist it fiercely. It is a terrible bone of contention betweeen us. Fortunately he doesn't resist wwoofers as much as he used to.

Jim and Rachel seem to be continuing as though peak oil isn't coming. Talking of going to Sydney. Or Nelson. Helen Clark has now acknowledged it and has got Cabinet to watch An Inconvenient Truth on global warming.

We have had a very very wet winter and cold spring. And it was 27 degrees in Dunedin the other day and 37 in Sydney. Terrible water problems in Queensland and Sydney.

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