Monday, August 06, 2007


The price of oil

This year it hasn't risen much. Well at $78 a barrel the other day, we could say it has risen heaps over the last two years. But it would be worse if the NZ dollar hadn't risen steadily with it, as we buy our oil in US dollars.

We are greatly enjoying the property at the moment and are both in good physical condition again. And peak oil has still not entered the nation's consciousness.

Local body elections will see me working to raise awareness of oil. Robert Atack is standing as a candidate for Mayor and Council. He runs and has given us so many DVDs to educate us.

We have seen What a Way to Go, by Sally and Tim someone from US. Amazing. Not hopeful. No good news part at the end.

I am off to a symposium on climate change. What a mess we are all in. This year there have been so many freak weather events in N Z. Tornadoes are worse in Taranaki and West coast, floods in Northland Auckland, Coromandel and parts of Hawkes Bay but not us so far.

The twin catastrophes facing us make me appreciate my family much nore.

Going through Wellington yesterday I noticed silver beet growing in the middle of Lambton Quay. Wonderful.

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