Thursday, February 26, 2009


we are on the move again

Three years on this property with all its food. However it is all over. We couldn't manage it. Didn't fence off the back part and front part to graze so it was a burden for mowing. And the work too much for a couple of oldies.

However we have learnt a lot and the soil is now fantastic in the vege garden. We can do this in our new garden at 215 Rangiuru Road.

The hope of having a local currency to help us with labour didn't eventuate. But at least we have had a year of Transition Town and we have lots of wonderful friends now. The networks are growing! The hope of having a Community Land Trust didn't eventuate. Malcolm doesn't want it so that is that.

However by now there is economic collapse. Oil peaked in July 2008 and the price was $147. It is now $36 a barrel and oil isn't paying for itself as it costs $65 to produce a barrel. Saudi Arabia has peaked. A lot of crises colliding. Financial collapse since Oct 08 just continues.


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